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I was hoping to provide a link to an informative blog written by Alison Moreton on the benefits of wonderful British Wool. Alas the internet has beaten me and I cannot find it!! Therefore not wanting to disappoint I have provided a link below to the British Wool Marketing Board featuring their campaign for wool

Campaign for British Wool


I myself, am currently preparing a Shetland fleece which was donated to the Guild by a kind member.  I have to say this fleece is lovely and as soon as the Guild meets again I am going to find out how this fleece was scoured as it was nothing like my attempt at scouring!   Of course I will pass this tip on.

It is a joy to card and I have been patiently working through, picking out locks, flick carding to fan out the butt and the tips before laying it on my drum carder.  I have also used my hand carders when the loft (housing the drum carder) is too cold.  I know I could bring the drum carder downstairs but I have a very vigilant and quick puppy!


I have also been practising my woollen spinning using longdraw in anticipation of completing the Shetland fleece.  I have discovered there is a American longdraw and an English longdraw - who knew! The main difference I have read is the American longdraw aims to have no slubs whilst drafting back and has a very light touch with the non-drafting hand.  Apparently some are taught this method and told to hold one hand completely away from the fibre - I have not tried that yet!

The English longdraw allows slubs into the drafting process and both hands are working together to thin out the slubs given the twist will already have made its way to the thin sections. 

For all the fellow beginning spinners out there I will let you know how this goes.  For all the experienced longdraw spinners out there feel free to drop the site an email with any tips you would like to share.


In addition, if anyone has any great spinning, weaving, dyeing tips - please again feel free to share

Thanks in advance

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